Friday, February 6, 2009

"I Love You" in a 100 different languages

Did you know there is a 100 different ways to say "I Love You"? Me either, until a couple weeks ago while laying in the bed my husband informed me of it. He has also been telling me how many more days are left until Valentines Day. This has been going on since the last week in January. On Monday, the flower girl showed up to my work with a single rose with a card. Come to find out, he is going to send me one each day with an I LOVE YOU card in a different language.

Monday thru Friday. I added them together each day.

WEEK 1- Each card I received.
Tuesday- French

Aren't they so pretty- I am hoping they will last until next week, so I can put them all together!

This one is for Lynn- she said I HAD to do a funny one!!!

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Josie Thames said...

Wow, Heather. That is really sweet and romantic of Patrick to think of something like that. I am so proud of him! Way to go, girl!