Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinner w/ my Parents

Saturday night we decided that we were going to have seafood w/ my parents. My brother, stepdad, and myself all love it, but my mom, stepbrother, and husband don't eat it, so they had to settle for burgers. We got a whole box of oysters to steam, 10 lbs. of crablegs, and shrimp for kabobs! Everything was awesome! I was really suprised, but Landen enjoyed the oysters and crablegs too!
I couldnt get the crab out of the legs fast enough for Lil Ms. Priss
My brothers and stepdad (like we really need to see the food inside of Nick's mouth, lol).....
Landen thought the claw was amazing! He had to play w/ it for a while.
We all had a really good time and ate too much!!!

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