Friday, January 9, 2009

Santa Has Come!!!!

Of course, Kaidence woke up before everyone! She ran into the room so excited and woke me and Patrick up! Santa had brought brought her new clothes & shoes, a baby and highchair, new barbies, soccer goal, & her FAVORITE an art desk and supplies! Landen didn't wake up right away, but once he did, he was also very excited! At first he was kind of unsure why all this stuff was in the living room, but it didn't take him long to forget about that and start focusing on his new John Deere tractor. He thought it was awesome and was ready to ride right away! Along w/ his new tractor, Santa brought him new clothes & shoes, toy box, scooter, work bench, & magna-doodle! I think we are safe to say, they definitely enjoyed their Christmas! Hope everyone else did too!!!!

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